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    411209 - Sporty Sprouts

    Sporty Sprouts is a preschool, tri-sport program for boys and girls ages 3 1/2 - 5. In this six-week session, your child will be introduced to soccer, tennis and basketball in a fun, fast-paced setting. Our goal is to spark your child's curiosity for sports by teaching them the basic skills through age adaptive equipment and games. Come have fun! This is a non-parent participation class.

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    AvailableAdd to Cart411209-04Sporty SproutsItem DetailsTennis Club of RochLocation Details3 years 6 months to under 6 yearsCo-ed11/02/17- 12/14/17Th 9:30A- 10:15A$66/$71

    411211 - Indoor Junior Tennis

    This concentrated tennis program for beginner/advanced players is committed to the development of junior tennis. Classes are designed so that each player receives individual attention, based on his or her natural style. Each student is encouraged to reach his/her greatest potential by experiencing competitive drills designed to teach students to react instinctively to the ball. For student placement or more information contact Jeff Wagstaff (USPTA Instructor) at 334-8897.

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    UnavailableRead Notice411211-01Indoor Junior TennisItem DetailsMendon Racquet ClubLocation Details7 years to under 19 yearsCo-ed10/11/17- 11/08/17W 4:00P- 6:00P$180/$185
    UnavailableRead Notice411211-02Indoor Junior TennisItem DetailsMendon Racquet ClubLocation Details7 years to under 19 yearsCo-ed10/13/17- 11/10/17F 4:00P- 6:00P$180/$185
    UnavailableRead Notice411211-03Indoor Junior TennisItem DetailsMendon Racquet ClubLocation Details7 years to under 19 yearsCo-ed10/15/17- 11/12/17Su 2:00P- 4:00P$180/$185

    411239 - Horseback Lessons for Children

    Interested in learning about horses? Learn to care for, lead, and ride better. For four Saturday afternoons in October, particpants will build confidence, skills, and friendships while working with horses. Helmets and ponies are provided. Lessons are fun, informative and interactive.

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    WaitlistRead Notice411239-01Horseback Lesson KidItem DetailsPark Place FarmsLocation Details7 years to under 15 yearsCo-ed10/07/17- 10/28/17Sa 1:30P- 3:00P$150/$155

    411254 - Soccer Shots for Youth

    Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus on character development. Our caring team positively impacts children’s lives on and off the field through best-in-class coaching, communication and curriculum. Our coaches are the best-trained in the business. Our expert-approved curriculum is age-appropriate and aligns with childhood education standards. In addition we provide an exceptional customer experience and ongoing communication with parents. *The 2 year program requires one parent to participate with their child.*

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    UnavailableRead Notice411254-01Soccer Shots for YthItem DetailsGEPLocation Details2 years to under 3 yearsCo-ed09/09/17- 10/28/17Sa 9:25A- 9:55A$99/$104
    WaitlistRead Notice411254-02Soccer Shots for YthItem DetailsGEPLocation Details3 years to under 5 yearsCo-ed09/09/17- 10/28/17Sa10:00A- 10:45A$99/$104
    UnavailableRead Notice411254-03Soccer Shots for YthItem DetailsGEPLocation Details3 years to under 5 yearsCo-ed09/09/17- 10/28/17Sa11:00A- 11:45A$99/$104
    UnavailableRead Notice411254-04Soccer Shots for YthItem DetailsGEPLocation Details5 years to under 8 yearsCo-ed09/09/17- 10/28/17Sa10:00A- 10:45A$99/$104

    411292 - Intro to Skating & Yth Hky

    A fun, safe, basic introduction to the sport of ice skating and hockey for new and/or inexperienced skaters. Emphasis will be on balance, forward skating, having fun, and becoming comfortable on the ice. Helmet, hockey pants, and protective pads are provided for use through Perinton Youth Hockey (players need to provide their own skates).

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    AvailableAdd to Cart411292-01Intro Skate & Yth HkItem DetailsThomas CreekLocation Details4 years to under 9 yearsCo-ed10/22/17- 12/17/17Su 8:00A- 9:00A$80/$85

    421269 - Men's Adult Soccer League

    Join Jon Zatyko in this league that is geared toward "mature" gentlemen interested in getting out and kicking the ball around on a beautiful fall morning. Teams will be selected based on the skill and experience level of the player. However, prior experience is not a pre-requisite. The intent of the league is to provide the participant with some exercise in a recreational environment. All games will be officiated. Cleats and shin guards are required.

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    UnavailableRead Notice421269-01Men's Adult SoccerItem DetailsGEPLocation Details30 years and UpMale Only09/16/17- 10/14/17Sa 9:00A- 10:30A$30/$35

    440398 - Super Tot Sports

    Super Tot Sports is a fun and positive introduction to sports. Preschoolers will be introduced to soccer, tennis and basketball. All games and activities promote the development of gross motor skills and encourage peer interaction in a safe non-competitive environment. Every child is a winner at Super Tot Sports! Please bring water and wear sneakers. This is a non-parent participation class, but parents are welcome to watch.

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    AvailableAdd to Cart440398-02Super Tot SportsItem DetailsPittsford RecreationLocation Details2 years 6 months to 3 years 6 monthsCo-ed11/01/17- 12/13/17W 1:30P- 2:00P$0/$5

    441203 - FIT Kids: Fencers in Training

    Calling all Mini Musketeers: come play pirate and other fun games in this safe introduction to the sport of fencing. Start with warm up, obstacle courses, and skill building activities to develop your focus, agility, balance and eye/hand coordination. Games are used to teach the basic footwork and arm action. Children experience the thrill of sword play in the context of a structured class and build self-confidence using specialized plastic foils, chest plates and masks. New skills are practiced one-on-one with the coach. Geared for the short attention span of little ones. Clean sneakers required.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    AvailableAdd to Cart441203-03FIT Kids: FencingItem DetailsPittsford RecreationLocation Details4 years to under 8 yearsCo-ed11/08/17- 12/06/17W 4:30P- 5:15P$50/$55

    441264 - Indoor Tennis

    With convenient times and locations, Empire Tennis has programs for both Juniors and Adults. Headquartered out of the Harley School, Empire Tennis Academy strives to help you improve your game, gain confidence, stay fit, and foster long lasting friendships and bonds with other fellow players. Jason Speirs, Director of Empire Tennis Academy, will coordinate the program and his staff will be teaching it. This tennis program is for Entry Level players. JV or Varsity level are probably not entry level. The goal of the program will be to teach beginners and entry level players basic strokes and put them into drills and games that will show tennis can be a lot of fun to play. Come join us and have fun while you learn the sport of tennis.

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    UnavailableRead Notice441264-06Indoor TennisItem DetailsHarley SchoolLocation Details4 years to under 11 yearsCo-ed10/07/17- 10/28/17Sa11:00A- 12:00P$59/$64
    UnavailableRead Notice441264-08Indoor TennisItem DetailsHarley SchoolLocation Details11 years to under 18 yearsCo-ed10/07/17- 10/28/17Sa12:00P- 1:00P$59/$64
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