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    110904 - SAT Prep

    This course offers students an opportunity to prepare for the SAT exam and learn more about the content and format from professional educators. This course is designed to teach high school students - typically juniors and seniors — the necessary skills to be prepared for the March 14 SAT exam. This course is taught classroom style by Mendon & Sutherland High School teachers, Kelli Loucks & Paige LaBarr, and provides a comprehensive overview of the SAT exam. The course also presents critical test taking strategies to help ensure success. Students will engage in both English and Math lessons each day; there will also be a built-in break between lessons.

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    UnavailableRead Notice110904-01SAT PrepItem DetailsPCCLocation Details15 years to under 19 yearsCo-ed01/28/20- 03/10/20Tu 7:00P- 9:00P$225/$230

    110952 - Learn A New Language: Spanish

    Basics I: Enhance your brain! No matter your age, learning a new language like Spanish, is an important opportunity to enhance your life. Studies show that learning a new language and having new linguistic skills builds bigger, smarter and stronger brains. Classes are taught by an experienced native Spanish-speaking teacher in a very kind environment. You will learn new vocabulary and introduction to basic Spanish.

    Basics II: Enhance your brain! In this slightly more advanced program you will learn new basic Spanish, with new vocabulary, parts of speech, grammar, and present tense. Completion of the Basics I program is recommended, but is not required.

    Basics III: Keep enhancing your brain! This program allows you to build on your basic knowledge of the language and learn Spanish verb tenses. Completion of Learn Spanish: Basics I and/or Basics II is required.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice110952-01Spanish: Basics IItem DetailsPCCLocation Details18 years and UpCo-ed01/06/20- 02/10/20M10:00A- 10:55A$145/$150
    UnavailableRead Notice110952-02Spanish: Basics IItem DetailsPCCLocation Details18 years and UpCo-ed02/17/20- 03/16/20M10:00A- 10:55A$145/$150
    UnavailableRead Notice110952-03Spanish Basics IIItem DetailsPCCLocation Details18 years and UpCo-ed01/06/20- 02/10/20M11:05A- 12:00P$145/$150
    UnavailableRead Notice110952-04Spanish Basics IIItem DetailsPCCLocation Details18 years and UpCo-ed02/18/20- 03/17/20Tu11:05A- 12:00P$145/$150
    UnavailableRead Notice110952-05Spanish Basics IIIItem DetailsPCCLocation Details18 years and UpCo-ed02/17/20- 03/16/20M11:05A- 12:00P$145/$150
    UnavailableRead Notice110952-06Materials FeeItem DetailsSCCLocation Details18 years and UpCo-ed01/06/20- 03/17/20M, Tu10:00A- 10:55A$15
    UnavailableRead Notice110952-07Materials (II &III)Item DetailsPCCLocation Details18 years and UpCo-ed01/06/20- 03/17/20M, Tu11:05A- 12:00P$18

    110961 - Planning for College

    Join Emily Nevinger, Allendale Columbia School’s College Advising Consultant, in this interactive workshop ideal for all students and families nearing the college application process. Emily will offer suggestions on testing strategies that will work best for your student, the ideal time to take the SAT or ACT, and whether “test optional” schools should be on your radar. Additionally, Emily will provide tips for navigating the financial aid and scholarship processes – topics all families should consider while building their college lists. Participants will leave with an understanding of how to best position themselves for success based on their particular needs.

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    UnavailableRead Notice110961-01Planning for CollegeItem DetailsPCCLocation Details14 years to under 19 yearsCo-ed03/01/20- 03/01/20Su10:15A- 12:15P$50/$55

    110962 - Becoming A Notary Public

    Notary Public License Law: Whether you are looking to become a new Notary Public or need a refresher on Notary Law and the duties/responsibilities afforded to you, this is a comprehensive class on the Notary Public License Law. This class will provide all the information necessary to pass the Notary Exam, ways to shield yourself from liability in the execution of your duties, as well as appointment, testing and renewal policies and procedures.

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    UnavailableRead Notice110962-01Becoming A Notary PuItem DetailsPCCLocation Details18 years and UpCo-ed03/09/20- 03/16/20M 6:00P- 8:30P$55/$60
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