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    210952 - Learn A New Language: Spanish

    Basics I: Enhance your brain! No matter your age, learning a new language like Spanish, is an important opportunity to enhance your life. Studies show that learning a new language and having new linguistic skills builds bigger, smarter and stronger brains. Classes are taught by an experienced native Spanish-speaking teacher in a very kind environment. You will learn new vocabulary and introduction to basic Spanish.

    Basics II: Enhance your brain! Make it stronger! In this slightly more advanced program you will learn new basic Spanish, with new vocabulary, parts of speech, grammar, and present tense. Completion of the Basics I program is recommended.

    Basics III: Keep enhancing your brain with a native Spanish speaker! This program allows you to build on your basic knowledge of the language, more grammar, and learn Spanish verb tenses. Completion of Learn Spanish: Basics II is required.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice210952-01Spanish: Basics IItem DetailsPCCLocation Details18 years and UpCo-ed03/30/20- 05/04/20M10:00A- 10:55A$145/$5
    UnavailableRead Notice210952-02Spanish: Basics IItem DetailsPCCLocation Details18 years and UpCo-ed05/11/20- 06/15/20M10:00A- 10:55A$145/$5
    UnavailableRead Notice210952-03Spanish: Basics IIItem DetailsPCCLocation Details18 years and UpCo-ed03/30/20- 05/04/20M11:05A- 12:00P$145/$150
    UnavailableRead Notice210952-04Spanish: Basics IIItem DetailsPCCLocation Details18 years and UpCo-ed03/31/20- 05/05/20Tu11:05A- 12:00P$145/$150
    UnavailableRead Notice210952-05Spanish: Basics IIIItem DetailsPCCLocation Details18 years and UpCo-ed05/11/20- 06/15/20M11:05A- 12:00P$145/$150

    210962 - Becoming A Notary Public

    Notary Public License Law: Whether you are looking to become a new Notary Public or need a refresher on Notary Law and the duties/responsibilities afforded to you, this is a comprehensive class on the Notary Public License Law. This class will provide all the information necessary to pass the Notary Exam, ways to shield yourself from liability in the execution of your duties, as well as appointment, testing and renewal policies and procedures.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice210962-01Becoming A Notary PuItem DetailsPCCLocation Details18 years and UpCo-ed04/25/20- 04/25/20Sa 9:00A- 2:00P$55/$60
    UnavailableRead Notice210962-02Becoming A Notary PuItem DetailsPerinton RecreationLocation Details18 years and UpCo-ed06/15/20- 06/22/20M 6:00P- 8:30P$55/$60

    220901 - ARC CPR/AED

    This course teaches how to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies in adults, children and infants. Both traditional and breathless CPR is taught. Tips provided on heart disease prevention, scene control, patient assessment, CPR integration, AED application and protocol adherence.

    This course meets the latest 2010 CPR and ECC Guidelines. (3. 5 hours) 2 Certification Card Included.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice220901-01ARC CPR/AEDItem DetailsPCCLocation Details18 years and UpCo-ed06/06/20- 06/06/20Sa 9:00A- 12:00P$65/$70

    220907 - Defensive Driving

    Empire Safety Council, New York State and DMV approved, offers two great ways to save for New York State licensed drivers. First, complete this informative six hour workshop and receive a 10% reduction on the liability and collision premiums of your auto insurance for three years. Each member of a family completing the workshop is also entitled to the 10% reduction provided they are a primary operator on a vehicle listed on the policy. Secondly, you may be eligible to reduce up to four points on your driving record. An experienced certified instructor will lead the program using a wide array of teaching techniques appealing to motorists of all ages. The focus of the Traffic Survival Workshop is developing improved driving awareness, prevention skills and defensive driving strategies. Saturday courses will break for a ˝ hour lunch. Please bring your own beverage.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice220907-02Defensive DrivingItem DetailsPCCLocation Details16 years and UpCo-ed05/05/20- 05/07/20Tu, Th 6:00P- 9:00P$45/$50

    220919 - Pre-Licensing 5 Hour Course

    This is the state mandated five-hour pre-licensing course. Applicants must bring a valid NYS learner’s permit to class. Snacks are permitted. In addition to the basics, students will leave with the knowledge of skills and habits for a lifetime of safe driving. The course will not simply provide the minimum information to pass a road test, but high value driving techniques. Students will leave with their MV-278 certificate required for scheduling a NYS DMV road test.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice220919-025 Hour CourseItem DetailsPCCLocation Details16 years and UpCo-ed05/04/20- 05/04/20M 3:00P- 8:00P$50/$55
    UnavailableRead Notice220919-035 Hour CourseItem DetailsPCCLocation Details16 years and UpCo-ed06/08/20- 06/08/20M 3:00P- 8:00P$50/$55

    220966 - ARC First Aid

    Learn to identify and care for bleeding, sudden illness such as: Stroke, Burns and Broken Bones and preventing disease transmission.
    This course meets the latest 2010 CPR and ECC Guidelines (3 hours) 2 Certification Card Included.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice220966-01ARC First AidItem DetailsPCCLocation Details18 years and UpCo-ed06/06/20- 06/06/20Sa12:30P- 2:30P$50/$55

    221708 - College 101: Planning & Paying

    In this educational presentation, parents will learn valuable tips about the college search, scholarships, the financial process, and New York’s Free-Tuition Program for public and private colleges. Most importantly, there will be a discussion on what parents can do to help their children minimize overwhelming student loan debt. For parents of high school students in grades 9-12. Students are welcome.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice221708-01College 101 PlanningItem DetailsPCCLocation Details14 years and UpCo-ed05/14/20- 05/14/20Th 6:30P- 7:30P$10/$15

    240924 - Cemetery Tour

    Town & Village Historian Audrey Johnson and Illuminated History genealogist Vicki Profitt will discuss the history of Pittsford Cemetery and the early residents buried there. Participants are to meet the instructors at the cemetery flagpole. Please wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for rain. Registration is required.

    Pittsford Cemetery is located on East Avenue in the Village of Pittsford with entrances on Washington Rd.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice240924-01Cemetery TourItem DetailsPittsford CemeteryLocation DetailsBirth and UpCo-ed05/02/20- 05/02/20Sa10:00A- 12:00P$0
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