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    211312 - Snapology!

    Space Wars Robotics (01): Robotics inspired by Star Wars® and space travel! Come on an adventure building and programming functional robots using LEGO® bricks in this super-fun program. Learn about space, space travel and, of course, Star Wars®! Build different robots each day! Learning is enhanced through the use of laptops in this class!

    Attack Bots Robotics - Battle Robotics (02): In this exciting class, students will build a variety of military inspired robotic models. Children will learn about sensors, gears, pulleys, and programming as they create robotic catapults, crossbows, tanks, bomber planes and much more.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211312-01Space Wars RoboticsItem DetailsPCCLocation Details7 years to under 15 yearsCo-ed04/14/20- 05/12/20Tu 5:00P- 6:00P$75/$80
    UnavailableRead Notice211312-02Attack Bots RoboticsItem DetailsPCCLocation Details7 years to under 15 yearsCo-ed05/19/20- 06/16/20Tu 5:00P- 6:00P$75/$80

    211315 - American Girl Doll Adventures

    Creative classes for kids to make custom accessories for their dolls. Any doll 18" or smaller is welcome. Please bring a sharp pair of scissors to class.
    Sleeping Bags and S'mores: Does your doll love an adventure? We'll set up miniature camp fires and assemble toy sized s'mores. Then use some cozy fleece to create a miniature sleeping bag.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211315-02Sleeping Bags and SmItem DetailsPCCLocation Details6 years to under 14 yearsCo-ed05/19/20- 05/19/20Tu 6:00P- 7:30P$18/$23
    UnavailableRead Notice211315-03Unicorn FunItem DetailsPCCLocation Details6 years to under 14 yearsCo-ed06/11/20- 06/11/20Th 6:00P- 7:30P$18/$23

    211401 - The After School Program

    Are you in need of a recreational after school program for your child to attend once the school day has ended? The After School Program provides a quality, fun and safe recreational environment for your child, ages 5-13. Participants will be placed into groups according to age and/or grade level. Activities include arts and crafts, free play, quiet time and playtime in our gym or outside on our playground. A daily snack is provided. The program is closed on school breaks and holidays, however it is open on school scheduled half days. Fun Camps and Fun Camp Days are available for children to attend on school breaks and holidays (registration and additional fees are required). Please contact Cassie Schrom at 248-6289 to discuss drop-in options or for more information regarding the program.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211401-01After School ProgramItem DetailsPCCLocation Details5 years to under 14 yearsCo-ed03/23/20- 06/23/20M-F 3:00P- 6:00P$714/$719
    UnavailableRead Notice211401-05Fun Camp Day 5/22Item DetailsPCCLocation Details5 years to under 14 yearsCo-ed05/22/20- 05/22/20F 8:30A- 5:30P$35/$40

    211404 - Kid's Night Out

    Kid's Night Out give you the opportunity to drop your child off and enjoy some kid-free time. We will provide a pizza dinner and themed-based activities for 3 hours. Please contact Cassie Schrom at 248-6289 for more information regarding this program.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211404-02Kid's Night OutItem DetailsPCCLocation Details5 years to under 14 yearsCo-ed04/24/20- 04/24/20F 6:00P- 9:00P$20/$25

    211405 - ARC Babysitter's Training

    This course is designed to provide youth (Ages 11-15) who are planning to babysit with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and responsibly give care for children and infants. This training will help participants to develop leadership skills; learn how to develop a babysitting business; keep themselves and others safe and help children behave; and learn about basic child care and basic first aid. Each student will receive an American Red Cross Babysitter’s Kit and a certificate stating they successfully completed the program. Students are required to provide an email address that certificates can be sent to. Please bring a brown bag lunch.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211405-01ARC Babysitter's TraItem DetailsPCCLocation Details11 years to 15 yearsCo-ed04/25/20- 04/25/20Sa 9:00A- 3:00P$90/$95

    211406 - Safety First for Children

    This program equips children ages 8-12 with the knowledge about home alone safety and accident prevention. Participants will learn how to answer the phone and front door safely, basic first aid, become aware of potential household hazards and much more. Participants will go home with a house rules sheet to complete with their family. Participants will role play stranger-danger scenarios to learn how to stay safe. The program will end with a 15 minute question and answer period to ensure each child leaves knowing what to do to stay safe!

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211406-01Safety FirstItem DetailsPCCLocation Details8 years to 12 yearsCo-ed04/25/20- 04/25/20Sa 3:30P- 5:00P$25/$30

    211412 - Mad Science of WNY

    Join us for a session of science fun! Each class will explore a different scientific topic. At Mad Science preschoolers learn about science by touching, feeling, and even tasting their science experiments. We leave children inspired and hungry to learn more! In this session, we will be learning about Taste and Smell, Lights On, Sound of Music, and Magnetic Attractions.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211412-01Mad Science Pre KItem DetailsPCCLocation Details3 years to under 6 yearsCo-ed03/28/20- 04/25/20Sa10:30A- 11:15A$80/$85

    211414 - Sports Birthday Parties

    Do you have a child who loves sports? Choose a variety of games from basketball to soccer for your child and his or her friends to enjoy while celebrating their special day. Birthdays are hassle free when you have a party with us! Your personal party coach will lead participants in various sports, games, and activities while you enjoy the fun. Leave the planning and mess up to us!

    All parties include a sheet pizza, decorated room, invitations, paper goods, party host, lemonade, an hour of games in the gym and an hour of activities in the party room for up to 15 children. Parties must be booked at least one week in advance. An accompanying adult must be present for the duration of the party.

    Please contact Sydney at 248-6283 for more information or to schedule a party.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211414-01Sports Birthday PartItem DetailsVariesLocation Details3 years to under 13 yearsCo-ed03/28/20- 03/28/20VariesVaries$220/$225
    FullRead Notice211414-02Birthday PartiesItem DetailsPCCLocation Details3 years to under 13 yearsCo-ed04/04/20- 04/04/20Sa 1:30P- 3:30P$220/$225
    UnavailableRead Notice211414-03Birthday PartiesItem DetailsPCCLocation Details3 years to under 13 yearsCo-ed04/04/20- 04/04/20Sa11:30A- 1:30P$220/$225

    211416 - First Aid for Kids

    Taught by EMT’s and Paramedics; this course teaches 8-14 year olds the skills and techniques necessary to respond to a variety of first aid related emergencies including: bleeding control, choking, burns, care for sprains and breaks and treatment for heat and cold emergencies. To help participants better understand common medical conditions that their friends may suffer from; we will also cover the following: food allergies, diabetes, seizures and asthma. This course helps meet requirements for many boy/girl scout badges.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211416-01First Aid for KidsItem DetailsPCCLocation Details8 years to 14 yearsCo-ed05/02/20- 05/02/20Sa10:00A- 11:30A$20/$25

    211417 - Mealtime Manners

    Etiquette and Manners classes for your kiddos! Etiquette Chics™ who are often featured on local news sharing etiquette advice are offering this exciting class for children. Enjoy learning manners and everyday life skills through activities, games and dinnertime activities with “dinner” provided (pizza) and a simple dessert. It will be both educational and interesting! We are teaching manners and etiquette, one table at a time, and having fun along the way!

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211417-01Mealtime MannersItem DetailsPCCLocation Details6 years to 11 yearsCo-ed05/15/20- 05/15/20F 6:00P- 7:00P$25

    211418 - Mealtime Manners II

    Serving up more fun and learning as we take Mealtime Manners to the next level. We will be diving in a little deeper to mealtime etiquette with dinner included, along with dessert and (laughter!) We will also be practicing some simple social skills such as conversation and social interactions. Lots of activities, and fun giveaways will be included. Everyone leaves with a small gift and certificate of completion. (You do no need to have attended our original Mealtime Manners to participate. All are invited!)

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211418-01Mealtime Manners IIItem DetailsPCCLocation Details5 years to 12 yearsCo-ed06/12/20- 06/12/20F 6:00P- 7:15P$25

    211419 - Mad Science: Junior Scientist

    Dive into our "Crime Lab" and use forensics to solve a puzzle, learn about simple machines when you build your very own drag racer to take home, discover the science behind incredible movie special effects, examine magnificent minerals and glittering gems, explore exactly how toys work, and explore the difference between robots, automatons, and remote control devices! There's so much to explore!

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211419-01Junior ScientistItem DetailsPCCLocation Details5 years to under 13 yearsCo-ed04/02/20- 05/14/20Th 5:30P- 6:30P$120/$125

    211423 - Rochester Foam Dart Birthday

    The Rochester Foam Dart League and Pittsford Recreation have teamed up to offer a one of a kind party experience! Enjoy a custom Nerf battlefield, all equipment including safety glasses, jerseys, ammo, and blasters provided by the RFDL. Utilize the brand new space in Pittsford for a 1 hour battle in the gym, followed by 1 hour in the party room. Pizza, decorations, paper goods, and party hosts will be included. Up to 20 children can attend. Parties must be booked at least one month in advance. An accompanying adult must be present for the duration of the party. Please contact Sydney Mooney at 585-248-6283 for more information or to schedule a party.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    FullRead Notice211423-01Foam Dart BirthdayItem DetailsPCCLocation Details5 years to under 14 yearsCo-ed04/11/20- 04/11/20Sa11:30A- 1:30P$305/$310

    211424 - Cupcake Creations

    Learn to decorate cupcakes using simple piping techniques, molding Fondant and using fun ingredients. We will decorate 4 cupcakes for you to bring home and show off (and eat, of course!). Our class will end with a snack. What else? A cupcake! Don't miss the fun! Bring a box to take your creations home in. Each class will highlight a different theme.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211424-01Cupcake CreationsItem DetailsPCCLocation Details8 years to under 15 yearsCo-ed04/22/20- 04/22/20W 6:00P- 7:45P$16/$21
    UnavailableRead Notice211424-02Cupcake CreationsItem DetailsPCCLocation Details8 years to under 15 yearsCo-ed06/03/20- 06/03/20W 4:00P- 5:45P$16/$21

    211428 - Frozen Tea Party

    Head north into the enchanted forest and enjoy a morning/evening of learning etiquette and manners with a “Frozen” theme and lots of fun (& learning) sprinkled throughout. A morning/evening of pure delight awaits your, Elsa, Anna or Olaf. Enjoy “tea” with wintery punch and “Frozen” themed cupcakes. We will cover simple mealtime manners and tea etiquette.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211428-01Frozen Tea PartyItem DetailsPCCLocation Details5 years to 12 yearsCo-ed06/06/20- 06/06/20Sa 1:00P- 2:15P$18/$23

    211429 - Mother's Day Royal Tea

    Celebrate that special day with a Royal Tea Party to celebrate Mother’s Day. English pastries, sweets, tea (& apple cider) will be served on fine English china. Spend time learning proper British etiquette and enjoy special activities for all to enjoy. Come dressed up, if you choose, and enjoy some fun activities with a take home favor to enjoy. Please register each individual that will be attending this program.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211429-01Royal Tea- AdultItem DetailsPCCLocation Details18 years and UpCo-ed05/02/20- 05/02/20Sa10:00A- 11:15A$20/$25
    UnavailableRead Notice211429-02Royal Tea- ChildItem DetailsPCCLocation Details5 years to 12 yearsCo-ed05/02/20- 05/02/20Sa10:00A- 11:15A$17/$22

    211430 - Teen Activity Nights

    Join us for teen outings to various community locations throughout the months of April, May and June! We are partnering with Perinton Recreation to offer exciting opportunities for teens.

    All participants will need to be picked up and dropped off at the location listed. For the Cinema outing, transportation from the Lion's Den Teen Center to Pittsford Cinema will be provided by Recreation staff. The Perinton Recreation Center is located at 1350 Turk Hill Road. The Lion's Den Teen Center and Potter Park are located at 54 West Church Street in Perinton. Food and drink will be served at all teen programs. All programs have a registration deadline a week prior to an event, unless authorized by the Recreation Supervisor. Enroll early to avoid program cancellation! If your teen would like to see a particular event offered, or if you have questions about a scheduled event, please contact Sydney Mooney at (585) 248-6283 or

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211430-01Splash PartyItem DetailsPerinton RecreationLocation Details11 years to under 14 yearsCo-ed04/24/20- 04/24/20F 6:00P- 8:00P$10/$15
    UnavailableRead Notice211430-02Cinema and DinnerItem DetailsPerinton RecreationLocation Details12 years to under 16 yearsCo-ed05/08/20- 05/08/20F 6:00P- 10:00P$18/$23
    UnavailableRead Notice211430-03Foam Dart PartyItem DetailsVariesLocation Details11 years to under 14 yearsCo-ed05/30/20- 05/30/20VariesVaries$18/$23
    UnavailableRead Notice211430-043 on 3 BasketballItem DetailsPerinton RecreationLocation Details13 years to under 16 yearsCo-ed06/05/20- 06/05/20F 5:00P- 7:00P$7/$12

    220940 - Whole Foods Plant Based Cookin

    This class is designed for anyone interested in Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) cooking. It will closely follow the programs offered through Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Jumpstart, or CHIP programs or Highland Weight Management and Lifestyle Plant Based program. Variations of recipes will be available to meet program requirements as needed. The recipes used in this program will be void of meat, dairy, eggs, highly processed foods, including fats and refined sugars. Most recipes will be gluten-free. The first session of classes will cover breakfast and side dishes, soups and sauces, salads and dressings, and snacks. The second session of classes will cover sandwiches and wraps, sprices and herbs, main dishes, and desserts. The cost of each class will include all ingredients. Participants will have hands on experience.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice220940-01Whole Foods PlantItem DetailsVariesLocation Details16 years and UpCo-ed05/09/20- 05/30/20VariesVaries$115/$120
    UnavailableRead Notice220940-02Whole Foods PlantItem DetailsVariesLocation Details16 years and UpCo-ed06/06/20- 06/20/20VariesVaries$115/$120
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