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    210433 - STEAM Powered Play

    This class provides a fun, meaningful and relevant playful learning experience for young children. We provide materials and activities that lay the foundation for *S.T.E.A.M. learning. *(S)cience, (T)echnology, (E)ngineering, (A)rts, (M)ath. Children will learn concepts and practice skills through hands-on exploration and play, such as creative problem solving, critical thinking, self-regulation, pre-math and science, sensory experience, construction and more. We provide experiences with blocks and loose parts, process oriented art, sensory and science, dramatic/pretend play, and language and literacy, and more.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice210433-01STEAM Powered PlayItem DetailsPCCLocation Details1 year to under 8 yearsCo-ed04/16/20- 05/07/20Th10:30A- 11:30A$55/$60
    UnavailableRead Notice210433-02STEAM Powered PlayItem DetailsPCCLocation Details1 year to under 8 yearsCo-ed05/15/20- 06/05/20F10:30A- 11:30A$55/$60
    UnavailableRead Notice210433-03STEAM FoundationsItem DetailsPCCLocation Details1 year to under 8 yearsCo-ed06/11/20- 06/18/20Th10:30A- 11:30A$28/$33

    210434 - Sensory/Science Class

    This sensory and science class will thrill your young children. They get to explore a variety of materials with their senses. They will explore slimy things, ooey gooey things, wet and dry things, rough and smooth things and more! They will experience chemistry and physics as they play and explore the natural materials provided. Things will go fizzle and pop, things will go fast and slow, things will roll and fly! Children will learn concepts such as absorption, displacement, measurement, cause and effect, sensory and tactile awareness, solid, liquid, suspension, drainage, conservation, volume, mass, saturation, estimation, and the learning goes on and on.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice210434-01Sensory/ScienceItem DetailsPCCLocation Details1 year to under 8 yearsCo-ed04/17/20- 05/08/20F10:30A- 11:30A$55/$60
    UnavailableRead Notice210434-02Sensory/ScienceItem DetailsPCCLocation Details1 year to under 8 yearsCo-ed05/14/20- 06/04/20Th10:30A- 11:30A$55/$60
    UnavailableRead Notice210434-03Sensory/ScienceItem DetailsPCCLocation Details2 years to under 8 yearsCo-ed06/12/20- 06/19/20F10:30A- 11:30A$28/$33

    211207 - Parent/Tot Open Gym

    Pittsford Recreation invites parents and their little ones to share an open play time at the Pittsford Community Center. We will provide the equipment and you provide the fun! This drop-in program is designed to give children time to socialize and use their gross motor skills. This is an open play session for parents and/or caregivers to play with their children in a stimulating environment. Children are encouraged to bring their favorite toy and explore at their own pace and desire. Parent or caregiver must be present during the entire playtime. Instruction/supervision is not provided. Registration is required.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211207-01Parent/Tot Open GymItem DetailsPCCLocation Details2 years to under 6 yearsCo-ed03/24/20- 06/19/20Tu, F10:30A- 12:00P$0

    211296 - Dynamo Sluggers and Kickers

    Join up with other happy kids and your NYSCA certified coach to learn the fundamentals for playing team sports! Try out base-running, throwing, catching, batting and kicking to put all that good energy to use! Everyone goes home tired! Don't let your little athlete miss out on this Spring-only class! For kids ages 2-6, and children 4 years and younger require a participating adult.

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    UnavailableRead Notice211296-01Dynamo SluggersItem DetailsPCCLocation Details2 years to under 7 yearsCo-ed04/15/20- 05/20/20W 5:45P- 6:20P$69/$74

    211297 - Spring Trainers

    Spring sports really make us hop when we learn all the fun ways to play, run, and jump in this class! Try out soccer, gymnasitcs, and track and field with so many running games! You will be ready for summer and have fun learning with Coach Mary and friends! Hop to it!

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211297-01Spring TrainersItem DetailsPCCLocation Details4 years to under 8 yearsCo-ed04/15/20- 05/20/20W 4:30P- 5:15P$69/$74

    211314 - Preschool Adventures

    Preschool Adventures is a unique class that is designed as a non-stressful way for children to be introduced to the preschool experience. Each week is centered on a theme. The class begins with a story to introduce the children to that day’s lesson. Often we have finger-plays or a song at this time as well. Then the child and their adult will rotate through 4-5 tables which contain age appropriate crafts and activities. Everything is open ended and creative, as well as relates back to the day’s theme. We close with a large motor activity and the goodbye song. Students will be able to practice listening to a teacher, following directions, and using classroom materials in a fun environment with their parent present. Please wear sneakers and a smock or old clothes.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice211314-03PA: Opposite DayItem DetailsPCCLocation Details2 years to under 6 yearsCo-ed04/20/20- 04/20/20M10:00A- 11:00A$15
    UnavailableRead Notice211314-04PA: Are You My MotheItem DetailsPCCLocation Details2 years to under 6 yearsCo-ed04/27/20- 04/27/20M10:00A- 11:00A$15
    UnavailableRead Notice211314-05PA: Strega NonaItem DetailsPCCLocation Details2 years to under 6 yearsCo-ed05/04/20- 05/04/20M10:00A- 11:00A$15
    UnavailableRead Notice211314-06PA: BugsItem DetailsPCCLocation Details2 years to under 6 yearsCo-ed05/11/20- 05/11/20M10:00A- 11:00A$15
    UnavailableRead Notice211314-07PA: Water ScienceItem DetailsPCCLocation Details2 years to under 6 yearsCo-ed05/18/20- 05/18/20M10:00A- 11:00A$15
    UnavailableRead Notice211314-08Preschool AdventuresItem DetailsPCCLocation Details2 years to under 6 yearsCo-ed06/01/20- 06/22/20M10:00A- 11:00A$55/$60

    240398 - Wiggles, Giggles, & Jiggles

    Come Wiggle, Giggle and Jiggle with Miss Lisa! Fun movement activities, music, games, stories and rhymes that promote gross motor skills, following directions, decision making, self-confidence and social interaction for both child and caregiver. A peanut free snack is provided. Bring sneakers and water. Come join the fun! Babies in front packs are welcome.

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice240398-02Wiggle Giggle & JiggItem DetailsPCCLocation Details2 years to under 5 yearsCo-ed05/14/20- 06/18/20Th10:00A- 11:00A$69/$74

    241298 - Lil Athletes

    Lil Athletes is a fun and positive introduction to sports of all sorts (tennis, soccer, basketball, and more). All games and activities promote the development of gross motor skills and encourage peer interaction in a safe and non-competitive environment. This is not a parent participation class, but parents are welcome to watch. Please bring water and wear sneakers. Come join the team!

          Status      Cart IconActivityDescription      Single IconLocation      Location IconAgesGenderDatesDaysTimesFees
    UnavailableRead Notice241298-02Lil AthletesItem DetailsPCCLocation Details3 years to under 6 yearsCo-ed05/14/20- 06/18/20Th11:15A- 12:00P$69/$74
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